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sabato 3 giugno 2017

Video Passatore 2017

Video della mia 100 km del Passatore

Un piccolo riassunto della mia 100 km in video...

100 km del Passatore from Florence to Faenza

The 100 km ultrarace from Florence to Faenza is the most famous ultramarathon in Italy, regularly helding from 1973.

The race is called “del Passatore”, referred to a bandit who lived not far from Faenza and killed in 1851, very popular among countrymen and celebrated as a “Robin Hood” by poetry.
The race starts from Florence downtown, close to Santa Maria del Fiore at 3:00 pm on the third Saturday of May : the time limit to reach Faenza is 20 hours.
Along the road there are 23 refreshiment stations (every 5 km) with food and beverages,  massage points and first aid. The road are all fairly paved : that one  from Florence to Borgo is also closed to general traffic. Since the race is held from afternoon to the following day, a front light is necessary for running at night down to Colla pass (972 m asl). There are 5 intermediate check points  (Borgo km 31,5, Colla di Casaglia km 48, Marradi km 65, San Cassiano km 76, Brisighella km 88).
It is feasible to get your own clothes back at Faenza, or also a change at Colla, Borgo and Marradi.
Among the road from Borgo to Faenza is also possible to get some assistance by car or by bike, but is not permitted to have any kind of refreshment out from authorized stations.

The race record (6:25:49) is currently held by Giorgio Calcaterra who in 2017 won his 12th Passatore in a row.

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